The production of basalt fiber was launched in Veliky Novgorod (Russia)

The production volume is 100 tons per month. It is planned to increase it to 150 tons per month.

The Governor of the Novgorod Region, Nikitin Andrey Sergeyevich, visited a new enterprise that produces products in the region with higher characteristics than fiberglass.

Magmanit LLC bought the workshops from the Novgorod fiberglass plant and launched the production of basalt fiber. The first batch of products was released in August. Currently, the production volume is 100 tons per month. It is planned to increase it to 150 tons/month. In the future, with favorable market conditions, the volume of production may grow up to 7500 tons per year.

“Research on basalt fiber has been carried out for decades since the Soviet era, but no one was able to create a full-fledged production, because it was necessary to configure the technology. And such a production opened in Veliky Novgorod ”,– noted the head of the region during a visit to production.

According to the founder of Magmanit LLC, Sergey Perelman, the plant has already begun production of continuous basalt fibers. The field of application of the products is composite materials, basalt-plastic reinforcement, construction, including road construction. The company is ready to compete in the global market.

“Our products are a serious competitor to fiberglass, which is used today very widely in many types of industries. Basalt fiber is as inexpensive as fiberglass, but more durable.”
– emphasized the CEO for LLC Magmanit Andrey Tolstoshein.

These products completely replace fiberglass, but are durable. Many enterprises use it in the construction industry. In the Novgorod region, basalt fiber is planned to be used in road repairs.

According to the regional government, the financing of the project amounted to 150 million rubles. The company created 130 jobs. At this stage, the company is exploring the domestic and foreign market. With a positive result, production will be increased.

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